He Will Fight For You and Get You Through


Each and every one of us experience some kind of difficulty,pain or sorrow at some time.  Whether rich or poor, all of us are human and our hearts can really bleed sometimes.Very often during these periods, our hearts are gripped with fear and worry, we feel powerless and we feel like the world is about to come to an end.

What are you going through? Maybe you just lost a loved one,  or you are battling a life threatening illness. Maybe you just broke up with your  long-time boyfriend who cheated on after 5 years of being together or maybe its that man who you once called “husband” who got up one morning and  just decided to leave you and the kids all alone.`

Whatever it is that you are experiencing now or  experienced in the past, you do not have to b sad, worried, fearful or angry anymore. If you do not already know, there is someone in whom we could find great relief from all our fears. There is someone who died for our transgressions and on whose shoulder we can rest our head forever. There is One who does not lie like man but is faithful and just and sustains us He is God  our Saviour who will fight our battles for us.

Whenever I think about the goodness of God, I feel so loved, refreshed and protected because he know he is always there. When our parents, relatives, friends and spouse leave us, He is still there, waiting with open arms to protect us.It is extremely relieving and soothing to know that we can turn to God. He is gracious.

Exodus 14:14 says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still”(NIV)

Sarah Parker tells of her journey of living in fear after the occurrence her husband’s strange illness which no doctor could diagnose. She has realised that she cannot fight the battle alone. Read more of her article here:  What I’m Learning About the Dark | Today’s Christian Woman | Your Life. Your Faith. Your World.

“I sprawled out in the middle of our new home’s master bedroom walk-in closet and smiled at the empty space. Thanks to my husband’s dream job as an FBI agent, we could now afford this beautiful house near great schools for our two recently adopted sons. I thanked God for these blessings as I stacked my shoe boxes and hung my husband’s freshly dry-cleaned suits.

Less than a year later, I found another use for the L-shaped closet. Late at night in the pitch black corner of the closet, I’d hunker down, smother my face in a pillow, and sob. Never before had I cried so often or experienced so much agony—alone”. – Sarah Parker

You can read some other stories as listed below. These will definitely lift your spirit. People from all walks of life and from all parts of the world have been through alot, but it is only by the grace of God and getting closer to Him, trusting in Him and developing a deep relationship with Him, that they have been able to heal.

I too can definitely relate to all of this. It has not been easy having lost a baby, but God has been there, even when  I thought he was not. He has opened my eyes to the reality of His existence through His Word. I wold never trade a thing for what I went through, which has brought me into a deeper relationship now with MY GOD. I have learnt that in all things I shuld praise God; no matter how bad I feel and this has worked for me.


::My Son Was Murdered

Since Tim’s murder , it’s been a seven-year process of forgiveness and growth. I had a decision to make: Would I trust God, or reject him? My ultimate surrender expressed itself in a heartfelt cry one night as I thought of a chorus: “In my life … in my pain … in Tim’s death, Lord, be glorified.”

Even though I had no feelings of forgiveness, God brought me to the point where I could pray, “God, in your strength, I choose to forgive this man.” I’ve had to repeat that prayer whenever I’ve experienced the pain of seeing my husband and children go through terrible times of grief. When my family suffered, or we’d learn something new about the murder, I’d have to choose to forgive again.

::The Suicide

I knew I needed to appropriate God’s strength in this tragedy—but how? Numb, I trudged to church, hoping to sing a comforting song. Obediently I taught Sunday school, frantically praying to find a calming Scripture.

While Ken and my friends were supportive, as time went by, they expected healing—but the opposite occurred. I felt suffocated by the weight of grief, shame, and loss. The “old Suzy”—fun-loving, organized, hopeful—had all but vanished…

As I attended the group each week and studied the Bible each day, I began experiencing God’s love in a new, powerful way. Although I’d attended church since I’d become a Christian, for the first time I really learned how to apply Scripture to real-life situations.

::Looking Back

And when Jack and I struggled with our rocky relationship, I suddenly recall a morning when my prayers seemed to hit the ceiling and bounce back. I begged God to show me why I couldn’t seem to reach him, and he answered by showing me that Jack had become the most important person in my life—and that God would have no rival. I tearfully told the Lord I didn’t want anyone to take his place in my life, that if he wanted me to be single, I’d trust him to know what was best. The peace I then experienced was beyond description.

::My Son is in Prison

I started attending a new church and joined the Tuesday morning women’s group. During the prayer request time, I remained silent—until the week Erik wrote that he was ill with pneumonia. With clammy hands and pounding heart, I said, “Please pray for my son. He’s in prison and he’s ill.”



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