The Death of Facebook by BRETT MCCRACKEN

Over at Relevant Breet McCracken is giving us his thoughts about the new “25 Random Things” trend that has bombarded the Facebookviral_thing_0204 newsfeeds. 

Brett McCracken says:

The Facebook “25 Random Things” sensation is the first legitimate pop culture phenomenon of 2009. And it’s almost universally regarded as stupid. And yet in the last week, five million people have posted notes on Facebook containing 25 cute and painstakingly worded facts about themselves that apparently need to be known by the world. Exciting tidbits like: “I have tattoos in secret places,” “I can touch my nose with my tongue,” “I love to cook flan,” and “I unabashedly love Frank Peretti novels.” Yeah. Enlightening stuff. 

click here to read the rest of the article.

Brett could not have made a better point. We really need to be careful of how we use Facebook and how we let people into our lives through social media. The piece definitley provkes some thinking

Tell us  what you think. Do you agree with Brett?


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