Do you Just Read it or Do you Really Live it?



Without any doubt, the Bible is my source of daily instruction.  For me it is just not about reading a verse, chapter or even book a day, but rather, seeking small and memorable messages straight from God’s mouth on how I should behave and think as a child of God.

As you seek a deeper relationship with God you find that the Bible will become one of your best friends since it is a book that will offer you great advice on how to handle every single situation in life.

God tells us that we must do His will from our heart (Eph 5:19). In order to know His will for us, we must listen to Him when he speaks through the Word; the Bible. He tells us that we need to keep the Word of Christ in our hearts to teach and admonish one another (Col 3:16). If we really want to live like the way God wants us to, we must not only read the Bible but also live it.

Very often I find myself slipping up in certain areas and I get right back up by searching for the particular passage in the Bible to reinforces certain values in my mind. I try to rehearse the verse at particular intervals until the message from God becomes a part of me, in the way I speak, act and live.

I recently read a very interesting article by Steve Stockman over at Relevant in which he expresses a similar idea in his article. Click here to see what Stockman has to say.


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  1. The Bible, if it’s read as a book, is just a collection of recollections, histories, memoirs, letters…
    When it’s read in a way that we put it into our lives, into our daily life, into our reason for being…when we start to take on the Resurrection of Christ as being a part of our daily lives – not just ‘oh, that’s nice’, but as the history-changing, death-destroying event that it was…
    That’s when it stops being a collection of writings and starts being a vivifying, life-changing force to bring us heavenward, into a relationship with Him, with a loving God.

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