God Does Not See Your Size (Thin or Fat); He Sees Your Heart

“The other night I was flipping channels and was surprised to come across a broadcast featuring Robert Tilton—the so-called “profit prophet” who was the subject of an ABC Primetime investigation in 1991. Turns out little has changed since then.

Wearing the requisite high-dollar pinstriped suit, there was Mr. Tilton, grinning like a Cheshire cat and enthusiastically promoting his new book How to Be Rich and Have Everything You Ever Wanted, which, by the way, can be yours free of charge TODAY! Um, yeah. Anyway …”

“No host of “Fit Club” angels waiting in the, um, wings. The good news: God does see and care about our struggles—even when it comes to our weight. It’s just that His perspective is different than ours.

While we’re busy obsessing about the outward shape of our bodies, God is looking deeper, into the pain, shame and fear that shape who we are on the inside. This is the stuff He’s concerned about—the stuff He wants to heal.

The truth is, neither riches nor thinness—nor any other human endeavor, for that matter—will ever bring us the happiness we seek. Good thing we know the One who can”

Read the entire article here: RADIANT | Life from the Inside Out.

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