“Let Go and LET GOD” Series Coming Soon!


I know that’s what I want…

What do you want?

Ever so often, we experience some kind of difficulty and wonder why God has let certain things happen to us. Over time, we realise in the end that God allows certain circumstances in our lives so that His name could be gloried and so that we can grab hold of all the promises he has for us. 

It took me a while to come to grips to losing a baby. Why me? Why not someone who does not want a child? Why not the person who mistreats the children they already have? These and many other questions bombarded my mind for a long time, but after getting closer to God and developing a passion for Him in order to recover, I realised that God saw something great in me; he meant that I should follow Him and He made sure to this, even if it meant that I needed a rough time to come to Him and change my life.

Over the last year, I have made a conscious decision to turn my life to God. After the loss of a child and I had no where to turn. I had loved ones to physically turn to, but no one could remove the mental anguish that was just too much to handle. Nothing could bring back my joy. However, through trusting in God and using his Word as my medicine,  I have conquered the situation and will continue to conquer through His grace. I had to learn to “Let Go and Let God” in order to survive.

Let Go and Let God” is a guide which shows you how to conquer in hard times as well as to overcome evil. The series will seek to encourage you through using the Word (The Bible) as your medicine for physical, mental and emotional sickness.

I have learnt that God cares. He knows our problems, worries and thoughts and He offers some great advice through the Bible. We should never give up because God knows best. If change or happiness does not come, don’t give up. If you don’t under why, don’t give up, because God is working in your life to transform you into a great person.

Stay tuned during the month of March for tips on how to Let Go and Let God take charge. He has been my source of strength during hard times and I am sure if you seek him during your hard times he will also be there for you.



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