The Power of Forgiveness

“FORGIVESS”…. Here’s one of those words we don’t want to hear.

This is a word that some of us feel will never be possible especially after he hits you,  cheats on you or  not to mention, leaves your marraige for another woman

If there is one thing that has been difficult for me, it is “forgiving others”. Sheesh… Boy it has been hard, but now that I realise the power in forgiveness, my life and walk with Christ has been much easier.

When you begin to walk closely with God and see forgiveness from God’s perspective, you realise  that that God has forgiven us of all our sins and looked past all the things; bad that is, which we have done in our lives. After we as sinners, continue to betray a Man who has laid his life down for us, he still finds it easy and part of his will to forgvive us. Now that’s unconditional love.  If Christ can forgive us and laid down his life for us, why can’t we love and forgive as a gift to Him? Why is it so hard?

When you begin to walk a different life you will realise that holding things or people in the heart is really too much a load. When you read God’s Word about the streets paved in gold and the angels and joy which we will receive in heaven, you will see that there is no better thing to do than to forgive, because you will want to advance to the Kingdom and be part of that sweet heaven which God promises.  It’s just godly nature.

Even if it is hard for you to forgive, just ask God to help you realise the fualts of your dark areas and show you, through the word, how to have a better heart; how to forgive and how to love unconditionally.

Dick Tibbits says: ” Making forgiveness habitual means that you’ve shifted your worldview. You know that life isn’t fair, so when bad things do happen, they don’t turn your world upside down. In fact, you expect bad things to happen; you even anticipate them. And before they ever take place, you’re prepared to deal with them. Such an attitude completely changes your experience of life. It doesn’t take away the hurt, the disruption or the undesirability of the offense, but it gives you the ability to deal with the offense rather than be overwhelmed by it”.

Lack of forgiveness means resentment in the heart, negative thoughts and other garbage that you don’t really want to be carrying around. It’s really not worth it. There is definitely power in fogiveness. It makes my heart feel free to love, to laugh, to hear and don’t hear, to see and don’t see. It helps me to love unconditionally. Once resentment and lack of forgiveness isn’t weighing down the heart, there is freedom and capacity to love unconditionally.

Read what Dick Tibbits has to say about “The Power of Forgiveness

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