What it takes for God to use You!

If it is one thing that I have been asking God to do in my life is use me and over time I’ve realised that in order for God to use us to the fullest you have to come clean with ourselves and most importantly, with Him. Coming clean, means realising or identifying and confessing all sins which we have committed; all present and past that might be hindering us from really having a deep relationship with God.  It’s all about realising every sin in my life and working with God  to continually cleanse you.

I came accross a very interesting article written by Rick Warren on Christian Post.Warren gives six steps on what it takes for God to us you:

1. Review every area of your life. Get away with a Bible, a piece of paper, and a pen, and ask God to let you know what’s coming between you and him. Don’t rush it. Take your time and write it all down. Nobody will see this. It’s between you and God.

2. Repent of every sin. Take responsibility for every sin you’ve written down. Don’t rationalize them. Don’t minimize them. Tell God what you did was a sin and you won’t do it anymore. Real repentance isn’t apologizing for your sin. It’s admitting it, turning away from it, and accepting God’s grace for it.

3. Make restitution. As you make your list, notice the sins that have impacted other people. Maybe you’ve hurt someone or mistreated him. If the person is still alive, make it right – as soon as possible. Don’t just apologize either. If you’ve stolen from the person, give back what you’ve taken. If you’ve cheated somebody, repay him.

4. Receive God’s forgiveness. Now you’re ready to receive God’s forgiveness. The Bible says you can go boldly to the throne of God and receive grace and mercy. God won’t reject you or scold you. He’ll give you his grace. That’s a promise from his Word.

5. Reveal your faults to a friend. You need to come clean with someone. If you don’t come clean with another person, you’ll still be forgiven. But coming clean to another person is part of the process God uses to heal us emotionally. Find another person that you trust (maybe another pastor) and let him know what you’ve done.

6. Repeat these steps regularly. Confession is like a bath. If you don’t take one regularly, you’ll start to stink. Make confession a regular habit in your life.

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God is Still the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever

I love the daily  messages from Streaming Faith. Today’s message is from Cindy Beall. she urges the need to trust in the mountain-moving God we serve in this trying and gloomy economic times:

People Get Ready
Cindy BeallI don’t claim to be a financial genius, although I do make a pretty mean Excel spreadsheet. Knowing about stocks, mutual funds and portfolios isn’t my forte. While I can help you get out of debt with clever budgeting and sacrificing, I cannot guide you in your 401K decisions.

My talent has to stop somewhere, people.

But I can tell you this: Times are tough in the financial world. If CNN, CNBC or FOX News has been plastered across your TV during the last several months, that is old news to you. These difficulties we are facing, not only as a nation but throughout the entire world, will cause many to live in fear. Unemployment rates, foreclosures and claims for bankruptcy will more than likely skyrocket.

Despite those mind-boggling and disheartening thoughts, I have some good news for you.

God is still the same.
Yesterday, today and forever.

I’m fairly certain you won’t hear Jim Cramer discussing God’s supremacy on CNN’s Mad Money. I highly doubt that Anderson Cooper will encourage you have faith that God will continue to be your Provider. I’m going out on a limb here but I’m going to guess that Suze Orman won’t give you the when God closes a door, He opens a window speech. While these individuals are very intelligent, helpful and oftentimes entertaining, their information is not going to be what you need to rely on.

God’s Word is.

You see, I read somewhere that God makes sure that the birds have everything they need. That being said, there is no need to fear for we will have what we need. All He asks of us is to place Him at the forefront of our lives. To say yes to Him.

Get ready, my friends, to see God move mountains. I’m convinced that through the challenges that are ahead of us He’ll redeem souls…He’ll heal hearts…He’ll bless the poor…He’ll restore relationships…and He’ll show Himself to you in more ways than you ever dreamed possible.

It’s what He does.
And He’s so good at it.

Cindy Beall spacer Cindy Beall is a Christ follower who uses her gift of exhortation by writing and mentoring women. She uses her past experiences, including the near death of her marriage, to encourage people that God truly does redeem. For more information about Cindy, log onto www.cindybeall.com

*Cindy Beall is a 2009 StreamingFaith.com Guest Columnist.

© Cindy Beall all rights reserved.

Let Us Celebrate Mothers Today

A  Message from Streaming Faith:

“Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverb 22:6 – AMP)

“Happy Mother’s Day!” to you great and awesome women who have fulfilled God’s very first commandment: “Be fruitful and multiply.”

As we honor those formed from the feminine/maternal side of God’s heart–who carried us in the womb, nurtured us, fed us, walked the floor with us through feverish nights, clothed us, taught us, corrected us, worried over us, prayed for us, and loved us unconditionally–we command a collective blessing on all of you, offering up thanks and praise for your contribution to our lives and to the world! Mothers, Grandmothers, Great-Grandmothers, Step-Mothers, Mothers-In-Law, and women who have been supernaturally placed in our lives as Mother-Figures (“Treat the older women as mothers…” – 1 Timothy 5:2)…you’re all important, and we celebrate you today!

Creativity’s finest moment was when the Creator created creators. Instead of making all the people who would ever live on this planet at once (which He certainly could have done), He started with one man and one woman, giving human beings the ability to make more human beings! The Law of Genesis is re-enacted every time the miracle of birth takes place.

Of course, birth is just the beginning–mothering goes on and on, even, on some level, after the children “rise up and call her blessed.” But babies don’t come with instructions, parenting is basically on-the-job training, and each child arrives with his or her own individual personality and needs, so there really is no perfect standard of what is a “good” mother, other than the obvious.

To be sure, our heavenly Father is the ultimate model of parenting, and we have seen other great examples of what we believe to be good mothers. But, in reality, even the best mother is only a steward of her child’s life–she doesn’t own them–and, in the big picture, she must seek God’s will for her children, even above her own hopes and desires for them.

Usually, when Proverb 22:6 is quoted, it is used to express the idea that if you raise children the right way, you will set the course for their whole life. The Amplified Bible more accurately captures the true essence of that verse, as in “Train up a child in the way HE should go…” in the way that is “in keeping with HIS individual gift or bent….” The “right way” is unique to each child. Part of a mother’s responsibility is to instill morals, values and spiritual heritage into her children, but the Proverb is really talking about helping a child become the best version of who he/she is meant to be…to guide them on their personal journey toward their personal destiny…to give them both roots and wings.

So, at the end of the day, the best thing a mother can do for her children is what moms do best…just to love them…because love never fails!

Bishop Jim Swilley is the founder and senior pastor of Church In The Now, located in Conyers, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. For more information about Bishop Swilley, visit www.churchinthenow.org or his personal blog at www.bloginthenow.blogspot.com.

Talk about E-vangelism…on Facebook!

Facebook & Life Transformation – unlikey combination, or not?

Even Facebook can be used to bring persons to Christ. I cam across the post on the davidhelbig.com blog. God can really work through any medium.

This is an insane story of a life transformed by God through our internet ministry at Christ Fellowship about 3 months ago. I’ve changed the name to protect this person’s privacy. Nontheless this is the story. The blockquote below is the email I sent to Pastor Tom & a couple other Pastors right after it happened. To read the entire transcript of the conversation, you can click the link at the bottom of the page.

Prepare to have your minds blown! My heart is pounding right now… I’m attaching a transcript of a conversation that I had today. Let me set it up for you:

I went to our Christ Fellowship Facebook Group to look through some of the new contacts we’ve made there. I decided to send out about 10-15 random messages introducing myself and asking people if they needed prayer. Jane responded…

Thank you for friend requesting me. It seems strange that I would see you sent that just as my friend is talking to me about praying and trusting in God. She is born again or saved, not sure which is the right term to use, but I have been having a very tough time and she has been trying to help.

Anyway… I wanted to say Thank you. I guess he does work in mysterious ways.


After an hour of conversation… she prayed to receive Christ into her life. ON FACEBOOK. She only lives a few minutes from church. I’m sending her a Bible, a copy of The Purpose Driven Life, and she will be here to worship with us this weekend. Talk about E-vangelism!

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Finding Financial Peace in Economic Uncertainty

Christians know the command to “be anxious for nothing,” but when a whole economy seems to be crumbling, that’s easier said than done.

Financial stress can quickly slip into financial anxiety, as Christian counselor Jeremy Lelek has seen in his practice. Communication, relationships, and transparency can dry up before couples realize it.

“As people are recognizing the reality of financial strain, it’s obviously increased stress in their lives,” he says. “[There is] a lot of discouragement, a lot of depression, a lot of anxiety as a result of the financial situation that we’re facing right now.”

And the solution to financial anxiety requires more than a sermon.

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