Talk about E-vangelism…on Facebook!

Facebook & Life Transformation – unlikey combination, or not?

Even Facebook can be used to bring persons to Christ. I cam across the post on the blog. God can really work through any medium.

This is an insane story of a life transformed by God through our internet ministry at Christ Fellowship about 3 months ago. I’ve changed the name to protect this person’s privacy. Nontheless this is the story. The blockquote below is the email I sent to Pastor Tom & a couple other Pastors right after it happened. To read the entire transcript of the conversation, you can click the link at the bottom of the page.

Prepare to have your minds blown! My heart is pounding right now… I’m attaching a transcript of a conversation that I had today. Let me set it up for you:

I went to our Christ Fellowship Facebook Group to look through some of the new contacts we’ve made there. I decided to send out about 10-15 random messages introducing myself and asking people if they needed prayer. Jane responded…

Thank you for friend requesting me. It seems strange that I would see you sent that just as my friend is talking to me about praying and trusting in God. She is born again or saved, not sure which is the right term to use, but I have been having a very tough time and she has been trying to help.

Anyway… I wanted to say Thank you. I guess he does work in mysterious ways.


After an hour of conversation… she prayed to receive Christ into her life. ON FACEBOOK. She only lives a few minutes from church. I’m sending her a Bible, a copy of The Purpose Driven Life, and she will be here to worship with us this weekend. Talk about E-vangelism!

To read the entire conversation click here


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