What it takes for God to use You!

If it is one thing that I have been asking God to do in my life is use me and over time I’ve realised that in order for God to use us to the fullest you have to come clean with ourselves and most importantly, with Him. Coming clean, means realising or identifying and confessing all sins which we have committed; all present and past that might be hindering us from really having a deep relationship with God.  It’s all about realising every sin in my life and working with God  to continually cleanse you.

I came accross a very interesting article written by Rick Warren on Christian Post.Warren gives six steps on what it takes for God to us you:

1. Review every area of your life. Get away with a Bible, a piece of paper, and a pen, and ask God to let you know what’s coming between you and him. Don’t rush it. Take your time and write it all down. Nobody will see this. It’s between you and God.

2. Repent of every sin. Take responsibility for every sin you’ve written down. Don’t rationalize them. Don’t minimize them. Tell God what you did was a sin and you won’t do it anymore. Real repentance isn’t apologizing for your sin. It’s admitting it, turning away from it, and accepting God’s grace for it.

3. Make restitution. As you make your list, notice the sins that have impacted other people. Maybe you’ve hurt someone or mistreated him. If the person is still alive, make it right – as soon as possible. Don’t just apologize either. If you’ve stolen from the person, give back what you’ve taken. If you’ve cheated somebody, repay him.

4. Receive God’s forgiveness. Now you’re ready to receive God’s forgiveness. The Bible says you can go boldly to the throne of God and receive grace and mercy. God won’t reject you or scold you. He’ll give you his grace. That’s a promise from his Word.

5. Reveal your faults to a friend. You need to come clean with someone. If you don’t come clean with another person, you’ll still be forgiven. But coming clean to another person is part of the process God uses to heal us emotionally. Find another person that you trust (maybe another pastor) and let him know what you’ve done.

6. Repeat these steps regularly. Confession is like a bath. If you don’t take one regularly, you’ll start to stink. Make confession a regular habit in your life.

Click here to read the full article


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