God Uses Young Basketball Player – Stephen Curry Interview


As I read this interview on Prodigal, it is just a wonderful feeling to see how God is working in the lives of the youth. Many are cried down by today’s society, but I know that  the good out-number the bad and God is still working. I believe that God will reinvent a youth that will take charge of this world and do wonderful works in His name and cause many to glorify Him.

If there is one thing I can take from the young Stephen Curry is that “HUMILITY” is the key to success. Sometimes we want so much in life, but God gives to us what it is that HE wants us to have (It’s about Him not Us) and at the end of it all, he blesses us with all good things, maybe not in the way we wanted but in even greater ways.


The writer of the article says:

His humility was shocking and his overall nature and demeanor was refreshing to see in a world consumed with self and greed.  Stephen is someone who looks to see things beneath the surface, not settling for simple appearance but looking for depth.  It is how he is as a person, having great depth of character for someone who is only twenty years old.


God is great!!!

Keep Blessed!