Ten Ways to Study the Word of God:

Tips from Pastor Murrell of the Pegwell Community ChurchBIBLE

Ten ways to study the word of God:

1.    Dedicate time to the Word of God
2.    Pray for understanding of the word of God
3.    Put forth real effort. Do not go to spend time with God when you are really sleep because chances are, you will fall asleep and will have no time with God.
4.    Have a purpose – Know why you are ready the word, Know your aim and what you are seeking from God this way, you read with purpose and not just read for reading sake and because you know it is something you should do
5.    Use a scriptural journal in which you would recorded your journey with God and your spiritual accomplishments
6.    Invite the spirit with some very soft music (this is optional)
7.    Humble yourself before the Lord. Pray for the Lord’s guidance and for Him to take total control in your spiritual journey because He knows all, and is able to guide you
8.    Go line upon line and precept upon precept. Don’t jump all over the place.
9.    Personally apply the word in your everyday life

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