Setting the House In Order for REVIVAL

So this morning’s sermon was about setting your house in order for revival. Even though his analysis of our church seemed a bit harsh at times, he was in his right as the leader of our church to tell us that we really need to get rid of all the old ashes from in our house (our body/our heart) in order to prepare ourselves for a new revival.

Take a look at 2 Chronicles 29 and you will see how a revival was accomplished in the church.

The Pegwell Community Church is preparing for their revival services to take place on October 25 to October 29, 2009.  We are praying for the fire of God to fall upon our church and the entire church of Barbados.

We talk about revival but , what is revival?

According to Pastor Murrell, Revivals are evangelistic crusades and continue to be relevant in these days, They can provide the following benefits for the local church:

  1. Lost people can be saved
  2. Believers can be sanctified
  3. Sanctified Christians can be renewed
  4. Those who have fallen can rise and return yo the Lord
  5. The church as a whole can be awakened from indifference and inactivity
  6. Families and other relationships can be healed
  7. Church unity can be enhanced
  8. Persons can be inspired to new levels of Christian commitment
  9. church finances can increase
  10. Pastor and spouse can be encouraged in their ministries

Key Texts on Revival

Psalm 85:6

Habbakkuk 3:2



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