YWAM Barbados Plan of Action for Haiti

Dear Friends,

These are difficult times for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. There are many of you who want to take action, but just don’t know how. I have wanted to call out for a specific action from day one, however we wanted to make sure what we put out is accurate, realistic, and most importantly in fact helpful to the people in Haiti. Youth With A Mission Haiti has been put in a unique position to help the people who suffered from the earthquake last week.

As Christians, we are all called to pray for Haiti in this time, but consider doing two more things for our brothers and sisters there. 1) Give! If you haven’t given already, please do so.

There are many great trustworthy charities and Christian organizations that you can give to. There is possibility of giving even through your own denominational work in Haiti. Investigate what is the best way for you. Here at YWAM Barbados, we will collect funds and 100% of it will go directly to YWAM Haiti. They have been collaborating with the UN, other NGOs, local government, and church leaders. YWAM has set up make-shift soup kitchens in the streets to feed the hungry. In St. Marc, about an hour and half drive from Port-au-Prince, they have a strategy to shelter over 8,000 refugees in partnership with local churches. With local churches providing housing, it would cost only $2 USD per person per day for meals. Haitians would be hired to come in and cook daily, which will also help to bring healing to the economic infrastructure of Haiti.

This program is a short term solution that would end for the first wave of refuges three weeks after they arrive. At the end of the three weeks, they should have the ability to return to Port-au-Prince to begin again or integrate within the city of St. Marc through job creation by some other work opportunities.

For many, giving financially is the best way to help at this moment. Please prayerfully consider partnering with YWAM to help feed the many refuges of the earthquake. Detailed information on how to give is at the end of this letter

2) Volunteer IN Haiti! YWAM is looking for people with specific skills to help with the relief efforts. • We need a lot of people who have strong communication and administrative skills to help with the many logistics and the organization of this incredible effort • We need account managers, human resource directors and media consultants who are familiar with public relations. • We need trained medical workers, mechanics, and those who posses maintenance and construction skills We would like some of these positions to be committed for 2-3 months minimum; however others can volunteer at 2 to 4 weeks at length.

YWAM Barbados is willing to provide some training for those who are willing to go. We would also prefer those who might have done a Discipleship Training School with YWAM or have some missions experience. If not, we are still willing to assist you to volunteer in Haiti, however the person would need to understand that it would be one of the most inconvenient experiences of their life. Also, we will be setting up a committee to organize and manage the relief effort for YWAM Barbados. We are looking for those who have strong communicational and administrative skills who are willing to work well with a team. If you are interested please e-mail me atsam@ywambarbados.org. If you would like to get involved financially, you may make a contribution over the internet at the following link https://www.ywam.org/secure/donations/donate.asp?project=10. I

f you would like to give through YWAM Barbados, please make the cheque out to “Youth With A Mission” with a note saying “Haiti Relief” and mail it to: YWAM Barbados Thicket Plantation, St. Philip BB18027 Barbados If you would like to make some other arrangements please e-mail info@ywambarbados.org or call us at 423-7496. Besides that, YWAM St. Marc was able to open up their port to receive containers now. If you would like to set something up, contact the Caribbean Transport Line at carstrans@myacc.net or phone 888-763-2999. If you would like to check out YWAM Haiti’s latest updates, please go to http://www.ywamhaiti.org and click on the “Earthquake Updates” link. Let us all intercede for God to heal the nation of Haiti! Blessings, Samuel Lee Director (AG) YWAM Barbados Thickett Plantation, St. Philip BB18027, Barbados Phone: (246) 423-7496 Fax: (246) 423-4164 sam@ywambarbados.org http://www.ywambarbados.org

Jesus Light of the World

Jesus The Light Of The World!

Happy New Year to all readers. I felt like sharing this with you this morning. Blessed reading!
A Word From
Richard Shakarian

Jesus . . .  He is your sunrise to your darkest night.

God said, “Let there be light,” and the world has never been the same again.

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world”

God is using FGBMFI in a great way to expand the light – and darkness cannot stop the light from shining! In 8,000 chapters, thousands of men and women are shining the light of Christ through their anointed testimony of a changed life by the power of Jesus Christ.

Light = Life!

What does light produce?

Light enables – Vision
Light produces – Clarity
Light gives – Understanding
Light provides – Guidance (In the natural world, light is used to signal cars, trains, and airplanes) If natural light can do this, think how much more the light of Christ can give you the signals you need in your life.
Light produces – Energy
Light produces – Growth (All living things are able to grow and live because of light and heat. People are the same way, they come alive and grow as they receive the light of Christ through your anointed story.)

Light travels forever (We can see stars from 10 billion years ago! Your story of a better life through Christ is forever! Yes, forever is even longer than 10 billion years.)

Jesus said, “Ye are the light of the world. John 8:12; 9:5 A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.