How to Live A Christian Life (via Getting To Know Christ)

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Here are seven tips which will assist you in living  a christian life: Find a local church that teaches the Holy Bible, and attend as often as possible Get hold of the Holy Bible Keep asking God for help to make it, and He will. (that's prayer) Tell others about your new life and new experiences Avoid everything that would hinder the effort of making it Associate with those who would respect your decision Commit to stand for the truth of God's wo … Read More

via Getting To Know Christ

Once in a Lifetime

Zechariah was serving as a priest before God for his group.
It was his group’s time to serve. The priests always chose
one priest to offer the incense. Zechariah was chosen to do
this. So Zechariah went into the temple of the Lord (God) to
offer the incense. There were many, many people outside. They
were praying at the time the incense was offered.

— Luke 1:8-10 (ERV)

In Zechariah’s day, a priest often served God all of his life and never
got to enter the sanctuary and burn incense before the Lord. But God
chose for this day to be Zechariah’s day. So often, we “go to church”
with little or no expectation of something great happening to us. Once
again, Zechariah reminds us that God has a plan and purpose and likes
to surprise us with those things at just the right time. Don’t give up
on God’s purpose for you! Keep on doing the next right thing and trust
that God will not only see you through, but also that he just might
surprise you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience one day when you
thought you were just going to church!

Dear heavenly Father, fill me with expectation when I go to be with
your people who are gathered to worship you. Surprise me with your
grace, mercy, and power. Use me, dear LORD, to do your work in my
world. In Jesus’ name. Amen.