The Easter Challenge

I just love this post by You know, this sums up all that the Holy Spirit has been saying to me for the last six months. It is time for us as Christians to take our walk to the next dimension and it will only happen when we begin to think about others.


2012 Easter Challenge! Are You Ready?

This Easter 2012, we ask that you do something different. We ask that your entire emphasis revolve around the gospel of salvation and the great commission with one main goal — to tell as many people as possible about the Savior they have been waiting for. Then when all is done, we urge you to build a relationship with these people and disciple them, so they in turn can do the same for others. 

    1. Get The Focus Off You: It’s not about your sermon, the size of the audience, the funds in the offering plate, or the long-rehearsed choral special. This day it’s about Him! Every song sung, every verse read, every prayer prayed — let it be about his glory, his sacrifice, his calling, his mandate and his transformational power that leaves every soul satisfied.


    1. Evangelize Like Never Before: David Platt, in his book Radical , states that Christians are supposed to be against Universalism, yet our lifestyles support it 100%. All roads do not lead to Heaven! If you believe that, then evangelism will be your mandate every single day of the year! But since this is an Easter challenge, why not make this day a day full of spreading the Good News! After the Easter service, take teams of church members and go and spread the message of salvation to all who are willing to listen!


    1. Follow Up:  It’s Not A One Time EncounterDon’t just feed the soul. Feed the body too! Preaching Jesus to a hungry person without fulfilling their immediate need is of no avail. The most successful evangelism comes from doing the Word, and preaching it! Most people have heard some version of the gospel, yet few have seen it in action. Let your church walk the walk! After reaching out, come back to them, follow up, and get involved so there is a long-term investment in the hearts of those ministered to.


    1. Give Like Never BeforeDid we say it’s not about money? Yes indeed! But how about taking up Easter Sunday’s entire collection and give it to a worthy cause that does not benefit you or your church! How about taking that money and going to a grocery store and buying food that could support multiple families for a couple of months. If you are a mega church, that could support multiple families for an entire year!


  1. Pray Like Never BeforeStop praying for yourself, your wants, and your needs. On Easter Sunday and for the rest of the year, pick a group, organization, or country that you want to invest in. Learn everything there is about them, and continually carry them in prayer!