I had a really great experience this morning as I sat in the ZR (local mini van in Barbados/public transportation)… 

There is so much evidence of God’s love around us and He uses the small things in this world to constantly teaches us about this love.

…I sat down and next to me was a man holding his daughter. I would say that she is about 3-4 years old. I noticed that she was somewhat mentally challenged and out of the blue she looked around at me and said, “you are nice”. I thanked her for her compliment. Then this same child turned to me as I signalled to the zr driver than I wanted to get out, and with open arms, hugged me with a tight embrace and said boldy, “I LOVE YOU”. I quickly returned the embrace and sentiment. It felt like true love. I was amazed at the love which God has placed in this child. 
On stepping off the van, I noticed a woman sitting behind me smiling. She too was touched by what this little girl had done. 

It’s amazing how God uses his little ones to teach us about His love for us. It’s also very amazing how God speaks to us and confirms that this is the sort of love which we must have towards one another. 

I just give thanks to God for this morning. Here are the lessons which I learned from this experience:


About half hour before this zr experience I was praying to God and asked Him to continually fill me with His love. We all know that the nature of the flesh is not loving at all and in an effort to operate in His Spirit today, this was my prayer. In two-two’s, as we Bajans say, He gave me an experience, and granted me my request. As I think on all that happened this morning, I can only that we serve a GREAT AND WONDERFUL FATHER WHO CARES. After receiving that little girls loving embrace, I immediately felt energized to express love to everyone who I came into contact with after getting out of that zr. He filled me with just what I was asking Him for to take me through this day!!!
Don’t we serve an awesome God.


He doesn’t always use the ones we think He will use. He could have used the little girl’s father, or even the lady sitting in the seat behind me, but NO, HE CHOSE THE LITTLE GIRL and not just any little girl. a slightly MENTALLY CHALLENGED LITTLE GIRL. Isn’t He great? 

Let’s look at this in a different light. We all have many different challenges and sometimes we feel as if God can’t or will not use us. I am here to tell you this morning that you are wrong and God has chosen you to use you. Just be patient and in the time when you don’t even think, He will release His work in you.


God used a zr as His classroom this morning….


God’s love is to expressed to everyone. This is what I believe that He was showing me this morning. No matter how a person behaves, it is the same unconditional love which He shows us that we must also unconditionally show others.

I now extend that same love to you today! To every reader that reads this, I love you and I pray that God’s love will surround you and cause you to have experiences like never before, beginning today…. HAPPY AND BLESSED TUESDAY!

Some call this the season of love, but don’t let you love start and end with Christmas.


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