Ever felt ashamed to lift your hands in church? Ever felt ashamed to bow down in church? Ever cared who heard you shouting or praying to God?

Well I use to before I really knew the God I serve; before I knew that Jesus offers freedom and His house is a house of freedom.

This song says it all. There is freedom in the house of God. It’s God’s house or peace, refuge and deliverance, He expects us to cry out and receive His word, peace, love and freedom as well worship in His house.

Whom the son sets free is free indeed (John 8:36)

Be encouraged by Place of Worship by William McDowell



Advice for 2014

Remember that God always wants to take you higher than you are. There are secrets which God wants to reveal to us. Sometimes these revelations will be made known to you out of some rough situations.

My dear sister and brothers, don’t despise the rough situations. Be thankful and remember to do everything without murmuring and complaining. Receive all that 2014 will bring; the good and the bad and God will surely take you higher.

For some going higher may mean a new job, a promotion, a husband, weight loss, a deeper relationship with Christ etc…. Whatever it is, God will do it but in His way and in His timing. In His timing He will be giving you strength all the time to deal with each season and step of the process which He is taking you through.

Do not be dismayed when it does not happen in your time. In 2013 I definitely learned a lot about patience and what it means to wait on God’s timing. I can say to you that waiting is not always easy but what God reveals at the end of the wait is always much greater, pleasing and much more wonderful than you could have ever imagined. It is always better than what you had in the very beginning. So I encourage you to wait on God and trust in Him. Only He knows the future. We don’t know the future. Sometimes He uses His men and women of God to prophesy things about our future as He reveals things to them. In my experience, even though he gives prophesy, He most often still does not give every single detail, so we still have to end up waiting on God and working with Him as He unravels our future.


Let God take you higher this year
Seek to develop a closer relationship with God.
Pray more often and take every issue to Him with the intention to seek His guidance at every level of your decision making
TRUST HIM He will never lead you down the wrong road. HE IS GOD
Always have an expectation that HE will do something great, not in your time, but in His time
Remember that God is your Shepherd and He said that He will never leave you nor forsake you

With all this said, let me wish you a blessed and prosperous new year!


Commit to the Lord