This prayer I pray for all those women and men, who are preparing for the next level:

I pray in the name of Jesus that God’s fire and passion for the next stage would consume your entire being in the name of Jesus. May God present you with great clarity and direction giving your the physical an spiritual strength that you need to fulfil your mandate her on this earth. May Heaven come on this earth through you and may God’s anointing increase in you right now in the name of Jesus. I release the fire of God for increase. May vision, dreams and revelation be poured out upon you with great knowledge and wisdom, in the name of Jesus as God prepares you for the next level. May your feet be shod with fire. I declare fire in your hands, under your feet and upon your tongue as you declare God’s word. May the joy of the Lord which is your strength propel you out of every hole which the enemy would want you to hide in. You are royal, you are chosen, you are purpose-driven and is moving on to the next stage of power in the name of Jesus. I declare freedom and release from every spiritual shackle in the name of Jesus.  AMEN