Many people in my life would have remembered the tragic loss of my son in December 2007. Seven years ago I was a mother in pain who lost the one thing that she so hoped for; the one thing she desired to hold in her arms and cherish. It was a dreaded experience, but today I celebrate.

I celebrate because if it hadn’t been for the loss I would not have gained so much in Christ. If it hadn’t been for the loss, I would not have known the God who was able to heal me from anxiety, stress, pain and deep sorrow. Oh how awesome is our God.

Over the last seven years I have grown significantly. God has led me directly into a purpose-driven life and it would not have been possible if I hand’t experienced that great loss on December 15, 2014. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t celebrate the “loss”, I celebrate all that was birthed out of that loss. What I thought was going to be the hardest thing to survive became a journey through which God proved His love, grace and mercy to me.

The stress and anxiety was too much for me to bear so I had to hold on to the one who said “cast your burdens on Him”. I lived in fear and disappointment for quite sometime. The deep hurt resulting from losing all that you looked forward to was hard to overcome in myself. I could not do it alone, so I sought refuge in Christ. The sleepless nights of crying in sorrow was a language which only God could understand and over time he brought me out. Today I am eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father.

Over the years I have also experienced other types of losses, but all have been for the glory of God. I have found purpose like I never imagined before. Through pain I got to know God. I learned more and more about Him everyday as I read His

I can boldly say today. I CELEBRATE JESUS! I celebrate all that He has done and all that He is about to do in me.

I am here today to declare that today I celebrate. I celebrate Jesus. I celebrate  all the joy that has come out of my loss seven years ago. I was looking forward to my bundle of joy, but God replaced everything with HIs joy. Today I am a stronger, more confident, courageous and fearless woman of God, who will do anything to see God’s name glorified.

I am joyful, I am happy, I am blessed. To know that God has been with me throughout the last seven years and will still remain with me is indeed an amazing feeling.

I often look back and say “Look what the Lord has done”. From the loss of one baby to the birth of something new in me has been an amazing experience.




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