2015 is Your Year…Don’t Wait Until 2015 to Declare Your Blessings…Make Some Declarations Now!

We often wait until Jan 1 to begin praying about the upcoming year. Hundreds of churches in Barbados go into a 21-day or 30-day fast to set things in order for the upcoming year. Why wait until when you are in 2015 to command the year?

Do it now! It’s not too late to set aside a period of praying and fasting over the next two days, to set the basis for 2015. Of course I embrace a period of fasting in January, but nothing is wrong with setting the ground work now.

Here are some declarations that you can speak now over your 2015:

  • I declare that…
    • God’s favour over my life and my family in 2015
    • I shall not want nor lack anything good in 2015
    • Every purpose which the Lord has created me for in 2015 will come to pass
    • I will walk in the Lord’s purpose
    • I will not be afraid, but God will give me great courage and strength
    • I shall be blessed financially and I will prosper in everything I put my hands to do
    • I shall walk in the overflow at all times
    • The enemy shall not take away but God will add continuously to my life
    • I shall be in good health at all times; both I and my family



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