Words are A Powerful Force :

Words should be CREATORS not DESTROYERS

Honour Vessels Prophetic Ministries


Words can encourage or discourage. It all the depends on the splitting and joining of our lips and the formation of our tongues. Words are the mirrors of how people view themselves.
The Hebrew word for mouth is ‘peh’ meaning edge. When you think about the tongue it’s just like a knife and it owns a sharp, powerful edge that can heal or destroy. When given to a surgeon he knows just how to work that knife to save a life but in the hands of a vilian he can kill or even damage a life. We can train our tongues just like the surgeon to speak life into a person…. so let us train our tongues for good and not for bad; to build up rather than tear down; to empower and not devour; and to heal and not hurt…. overall let’s encourage and not discourage.
Just remember…

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