God Wants to Take You Somewhere…but You Must Let Go…


Are you Ready to be Who God Called You to be?

There also comes a time in our christian life where we will have to choose God over the thing or things that are so familiar to us.

It’s all well to say that we should let go of the familar but the reality remains: the thought of having to start all over AGAIN can be daunting. Leaving what you are accustomed to, to start your life all over can be hard, but when you consider the greatness which God has ahead for us, we have to let go.

God is saying today that He wants you to let go… Let go of what is bringing you misery. Let go of what is not bringing you close to God. Let go of that thing that causes you such long tears and pain. HE says,

“Choose Me. Choose my motive and let Me give you beauty for ashes. Let Me bring you…

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