David had done wrong but He was a truly humble man who ran to God and repented. This is the essence of humility; to be able to admit that we are wrong and ask God or even the other person for forgiveness.


  1. Your post is so accurate,but how many men and women of God who fall, can be like David..Many want to continue to live in sin, and when true men and women approach them ,their attitudes are far from David..

  2. No one is perfect and we can fall in sin..My take on this is that we need to pray daily for our leaders and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ ,and to ask God to guide , protect ,strengthen, edify and to keep them and their families from sin..
    Sadly the church is not a praying church and many have not been taught how to pray or shown the importance of prayer and having a meaningful prayer life like Jesus, whilst still having a full ministry, and ones personal life which includes work, and other social activities besides church..And Yes, many have Pride .. Don’t dare tell them that they are caught up in sin etc.. but God is in charge.. Keep on allowing God to use you as you post and share the word of God.. Blessings..

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