Father, Restore My Soul…


The Lord wants to restore your soul today!

Your soul is the seat of your emotions and sometimes we need a restoration or renewal of our emotions back to their godly state.

Just call upon the Lord today and He will restore your soul.

He wants you to rest in Him because He wants to place you to lie down in green pastures and He wants to lead you beside still waters (Psalm 23:2). He wants you to be prosperous, successful and peaceful.

Yes the troubles of life have taken over and situations have oppresaed your soul in someway but now God wants to lift that weight and bring you peace.

God loves you soooo much and all He wants of you is to be more and more like Him and He is beginning with a reatoration of your emotions/soul back to a godly state.

Father, restore my soul, in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus. AMEN

You have been battered, bruised and the ugliness of your pain is upon you, but God wants to beautify your soul today.

He says ask and it shall be given. Ask Him to restore your soul today so that you can be used by Him.


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