Today’s Prophetic Word to Parents: Don’t Weaken Your Child’s Spirit

God wants to speak to parents today. Hear the word of the Lord and respond!

The Word of God states that:

Children are a gift from the Lordthey are a reward from him. (Psalm 127: 3 NLT)

With this reality in mind, God wants to speak  to the mothers and fathers out there. He wants you to remember that children are his gift. He created them. It doesn’t matter the circumstance in which they have been conceived, they are His gift and must be treated preciously, just as we treat our natural gifts.

The Lord seems to be concerned about the way we treat our  children. Today He is specifically speaking about embarrassing them in front of others. He is saying that when we do this we weaken our children’s spirits.

What does it mean to weaken the spirit?

As I heard God speak, the first thing that came to mind, were these words:

  • Feelings of low self-worth
  • Feelings of being nothing
  • Feelings of shame
  • Feelings of resentment (towards the parent)
  • Feelings of rejection

Why didn’t God say break rather than weaken? You always hear about someone’s spirit being broken, but this time God used the word “weaken”.

I believe that God knows that you have done something so far to weaken your child’s spirit, it is not broken so it can be easily restored. All He is saying today is change your actions and do things that will build your child’s spirit.

It may sound strange, but embarrassment can cause us to feel rejected, feel as nothing and ultimately depending on the circumstance who is looking on, it can leave us feeling ashamed. Of course, low self-worth can step in. All these emotions weaken a child’s spirit and if not paid attention to or repaired, can lead to broken spirits in their teenage and adult years. This could be a whole other mess to deal with

Think about you as an adult.

When someone embarrasses you, depending on the type of person you are, you may either lash out with anger or you may very well feel ashamed and go into a shell. There is always some negative response, especially if you have not practiced the art of ignoring. The same thing happens to our children when we embarrass them…in front of others.

God wants us to put away our anger when we are dealing with our children and refrain from embarrassing them because embarrassment can weaken their spirit.

I have seen parents beat (give lashes to) children in the open in front peers, schools teachers and friends and this often leaves the children in a state of shame where they can’t face others. Sometimes the same onlookers laugh at them and taunt them because of the harsh punishment which was witnessed. Not every one goes to that extreme but I brought this up to show you that your actions as a parent, is the planting of a seed. This type of seed can cause great hardships and pain for them in the future one way or the other. Let’s avoid this sort of thing!

Another example: Sometimes we refuse to give them a voice. We shut them off with the popular saying “children are seen and not heard”. Very often the child is so connected in their spirit to God that they have brilliant things to say directly from the mouth of God, but we shut them down and weaken their spirit. We promote our authority and and forget the scripture that the little children shall lead us. These are the times where children shall give great revelation and speak with great wisdom.

Why weaken your child’s self esteem, or self-worth? IT’S NOT WORTH IT!

Why sow such a seed that lead your child down the wrong road if they carry the embarrassment and low self worth into their teenage years and ultimately into adulthood?

There is a negative ripple effect that takes place when we do things to weaken our children’s spirit.

On another note, I did a little search on the phrase “breaking someone’s spirit”. states:

To  “break someone’s spirit” is to destroy their self-esteem, to take away their joy  in life, their belief and joy in who they are, to take away their dreams and the life they had hoped for, and to have them emotionally beaten down to the point  where they go from being who they were to someone who has lost all hopes and dreams of the person they had once been.

Breaking someone’s spirit is often done by physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse – or by all of these methods.

When a person’s spirit is broken, they often feel they aren’t deserving  of joy, or they may have even totally lost all hope or desire for happiness; it’s a feeling of total emotional defeat.

This is what God wants us to avoid in raising our children. Don’t let it get to the point of having a broken child through acts of weakening over time.

There are so many ways that a child’s spirit can be weakened and subsequently broken as shown above. Some of us may not be spanking our children, but we may be saying things to them in front of others that we should not say to them, just to show our authority.

Our children’s self worth is linked to their spirit. If you do something to allow their spirit to be weakened, everything goes down hill from there. If the parent does it, it opens the door for others to do it too. Selah (Think on this)!

So the next time you child does something that makes you angry, think first about where and how you will respond to them. Sometimes it only takes drawing them close or in a private place and letting them know how precious and valuable they are, at the same time allowing them to know that the thing which they have done is less than honorable and what it will mean for them.

If they want to speak, allow them to speak. Raise them in such a way that they know how to request respectfully that their voice be heard, but don’t shut them down.

Hear the message from the Lord!



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