Conceived in Rebellion

Hear the word of the Lord this day: 

Some of us have friends and family members who for some reason are always in trouble. Somehow the enemy has them tied up and no matter how much you pray, things seem to be getting worse. 

The Lord is telling you to take a look back at them from the womb. Some of them have been conceived in rebellion. So their fruit is rebellion against what is right and godly.

This may sound strange, but what is God saying?

God is saying that some mothers rebelled against God even in the circumstances that they allowed in their lives at the moment of conception. And in taking part in rebellious acts (against God), whatever that act might have been, they would have invited the spirit of rebellion in their lives. 

The devil, who cares nothing for us and is the father of rebellion attaches the spirit to the child in the womb. As a result our seed carries the same rebellious spirit which is played out in their behavior. Then we ask ourselves: how did this child turn out this way?

God is saying look back at the conception period and the rebellious circumstances in which the child was conceived or rebellious behavior of the parents in the season of conception.

God gave me this example so that I could better understand what He was saying about being “conceived in rebellion”:

 Consider a teenager who defies everything her/his parents say. They sneak out with that certain person even though the parents do everything to hinder it. They continue to rebel against rules, gets sexually active and becomes pregnant. This whole situation is rebellious, the child is therefore conceived in rebellion.

Deuteronomy 28 shows that such rebellious actions against what is godly opens to doors to curses. Rebellion closes to door to the blessings of God (take a look at Deu 28 to see the negative outcomes of a rebellious spirit). Think about it. What open doors are in your life or the lives of others that would have caused the spirit of rebellion to take authority in your bloodline?

I am not sure who this message is for tonight but God says the curse can be broken. You have prayed alot, cried alot and asked God for change. You may have seen slight change in the right direction but somehow the rebellion against the good and right kicks back in.

The Holy Spirit wants you to go back in time. He says go back to conception and break off the curse of rebellion that entered at conception. Repent for your own rebellious acts or those of others and command every rebellious demon plaguing your generational line, friends etc to go back to the pit of hell from whence it came, in the name of Jesus. 

You have the authority to wash any spirit of rebellion in the blood of Jesus and command it to be destroyed. Jesus did it and we can too. But He says speak to the spirit which entered at the point of conception. There is something being specific with the demonic world that makes the difference in how victorious we are in our fight.

The Holy Spirit is giving new strategy in this season so that you can have the victory you so longed for.

In the name of Jesus.

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