The Rahab Story: “The Purpose of the Woman”

The story of Rahab in Joshua 2 is more than a story of a harlot who hid two spies in her home and told a lie about not having them in her house, but rather a story which defines the true purpose of the woman…

Are you Ready to be Who God Called You to be?

I have recognized from experience that God often wants women to know that one of the main purposes/roles of the woman is to HIDE THE MAN.

I recently started to talking to God about the role of a praying woman and He simply responded by saying, “Joshua 2”.

In knowing that God always has a great answer, I read the scripture and as soon as I saw what Rahab had done, the Holy Spirit said that true purpose of the woman to the cover the man, just as Rahab did.

Despite who Rahab was, God uses her to show that the woman is called to hide the man from the enemy and this hiding means “to pray”.

So many men fall today and are attacked by the enemy because the women are not praying for them. Women are natural carriers, they are natural care takers and there are so many men out there that need to…

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