Allow God to Refuel Your Airplane for the Elevation in 2017

Are you Ready to be Who God Called You to be?

If you didn’t know before, let me tell you now:

 “2017 is your year of Elevation”

God is about to do something great in your life and cause you to soar into your purpose.

Walking in purpose is pivotal because the coming of the Lord is near and we must be ready in this season as His soldiers to do the thing which He has created us to do.

Gone are the days of wasting time and being placed into molds that He did not create us to be forced into.

Now is the time to walk in purpose; now is the time to be prepared so that we can be elevated and soar into purpose in 2017.

Preparing for the ELEVATION means  recognizing that first of foremost that there is a refueling/fueling process that God wants to take you through

On most occasions, before a plane takes off it is always refueled…

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The Elevation Series

Are you Ready to be Who God Called You to be?

Mission Inside Out officially launches:

The Elevation Series: Soaring in 2017


Why the Elevation Series?

At the end of 2016, the Holy Spirit kept saying the word “ELEVATION” to me.

It was so strong and consistent. I entered 2017 and the same word kept playing in my spirit for the entire first week of the year.  The Holy Spirit led me to the airport to look at the airplanes on the first day of the year and I observed so much as they prepared to launch into the air. He showed me that our lives can be easily related to the elevation an airplane. What He zeroed in on though was the process, which took place before the elevation of the airplane as follows:

  1. We go through a Process of Preparing for the ELEVATION:
  • The Fueling Process: The plane has to be refueled/fueled before the engine is started, security…

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