– News: Americans Pick Obama As Personal Hero; Jesus Comes Second

President Barack Obama’s popularity overwhelms that of Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa, according to a new poll that shows Obama as the person Americans named as their hero.

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I truly do not think that these results are valid taking into consideration that only 2,634 persons took part in the poll. The results hold no ground in my opinon. How do we know how many of these respondents were Aetheists or just saw the name Barrack Obama and did not just click it for so?

Obama: “We Will Rebuild”

barackobamaTuesday’s address to Congress by President Obama was made to confront the serious economic challenges that the US nation faces. He called for a new era of responsibility and cooperation. The need to look beyond short term political calculations and make vital investments in health care, energy, and education that will make America stronger and more prosperous well into the future were stressed.

Obama’a aim is to rebuild. I believe that none of what Obama spoke about in his address will be achieved if we don not get down on our knees and pray to God.

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What to Pray for a New President |


There is no better time to renew our commitment to pray for our leaders than the start of a new presidential administration. Barack Obama needs our prayers and we should give them freely and eagerly no matter how we may have voted.

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