Finding Financial Peace in Economic Uncertainty

Christians know the command to “be anxious for nothing,” but when a whole economy seems to be crumbling, that’s easier said than done.

Financial stress can quickly slip into financial anxiety, as Christian counselor Jeremy Lelek has seen in his practice. Communication, relationships, and transparency can dry up before couples realize it.

“As people are recognizing the reality of financial strain, it’s obviously increased stress in their lives,” he says. “[There is] a lot of discouragement, a lot of depression, a lot of anxiety as a result of the financial situation that we’re facing right now.”

And the solution to financial anxiety requires more than a sermon.

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Rise Above & Beyond Your Unexpected Challenges

Maybe you encountered some challenges in 2008 which were definitely too difficult to handle. Maybe you had some unexpected hurdles which were just too high to jump over. Maybe you were climbing for months and still can’t see the top of the mountain.

Let 2009 and beyond be much different. All you have to do is trust in God and let Him take the wheel!

You can do it!

Here are  some tips on how you can rise above your unexpected challenges in 2009 from Whitney Hopler from