On What Will You be Judged?

Have you ever thought about the judgment day when the son of Man will judge the nations?

Many say that the end times are upon us. The signs and wonders have begun. Are you are at a place in your life where you can say that you will reign in heaven when that day comes?

Today’s Bible Minute from Woodrow Kroll focuses on the basis on which we are judged by Jesus. According to Kroll “He (Jesus) will judge us according to our ability, the proportion of our ability.” Obviously, if we are not capable of doing something Jesus will not base His judgment on this because Jesus is faithful and just.

Maybe it is time to examine yourself, analyse your qualities, gifts, and strengths in order determine the area(s) in your life through which you can make a greater contribution to the glory of the God and satisfy Him.

Take a minute to read the Bible Minute transcript.


According to Ability

Tami Weissert: Jesus only judges you on what you’re able to do. With today’s Bible Minute, here’s Woodrow Kroll.

Woodrow Kroll: You may not have the ability to sing a song. You may not have the ability to open the Bible and teach a Bible-study group. He doesn’t judge you on that ability. He judges you on the abilities that you do have. He will judge us according to our ability, the proportion of our ability.

There’s a great story in Matthew 25. And this is a parable about the various abilities that servants had that were given to them by their own master. The people to whom he gave the least ability, he also gave the least responsibility. However, if you do have a lot of ability, you can anticipate that the Lord Jesus wants to use that ability, and with ability will come responsibility.
Tami Weissert: This is an important issue. For more direction, try today’s study at bibleminute.org.


Food for thought!


On what will you be judged?

What are you capable of today? What are you not doing that you can definitely make a greater effort at? 

This is definitely a step to discovering the plans which God has for you.