In 2007 I was diagnosed with a condition called “antiphospholipid syndrome”. The discovery of this condition came about following a stillborn child. This condition meant that at any time a blood clot could happen in my body and I could possibly die. This condition also meant that my blood had lupus antibodies, which did not mean that I had lupus, but that the condition could be serious. Similarly, in a pregnancy, the likelihood of blood clotting is at 100% with any person with this condition, and of course the clotting takes place in the umbilical cord. This impacts the flow of nutrients to the baby and of course, causes the child to die in the womb if the condition is not identified early.

Had I known that this syndrome existed in my body, a simple blood-thinning medication would have made the difference. Of course the whole experience was a devastating experience, not only to know that some strange condition existed in your life, but knowing that the thing which you so looked forward to had suddenly died; the person who you looked forward so much to nurture, vanished in an instant. To this day I still give God thanks and praise for taking me through the entire experience. If He hadn’t done so I would not be here today to declare His praise and worship in the atmosphere.

Knowing that the condition existed did not at all scare me because I figured, if I had possibly lived with the condition for so many years and was still alive, there was indeed no need to get scared now and think of death. One thing, which I did different then was, begin to PRAY.

In April 2008 when I gave my life to Christ I knew about God being a healer. I read and heard about all the miracles in the Bible from the time I was in primary school, and I knew then and still do know now that if He did these miracles then He could do them again.

There were two solutions to dealing with antiphospholipid syndrome”; one was to accept the fact that I would have to have an injection everyday once I became pregnant again to thin my blood or simply pray that God would heal my body. So I accepted the latter. Since 2007 I have spent years praying and asking God to deliver me from the condition. Anytime there was an altar call at church or even if there was none I would find myself crying out to God to heal my blood so that when I do get married and have children, that I would not be bounded by the potentially deadly sickness.

Why should we be in bondage to injections when we serve a God who says that He is a healer and through which we have proof that He is indeed a healer?

There were times that I would ask persons to pray for me about the condition without giving details. I cried out to God for a spiritual blood transfusion on many occasions and on many others I asked him to replace my blood with the blood of Jesus.

There is a scripture, which says, ask and you shall receive (Matt 7:7) and I asked, not in fear, but with great confidence that God would answer some day. And so said, so done! He answered me on October 12, 2014.

For the last year lots of changes have occurred in my life and on a spiritual level God has been taking me to levels that I never imagined or knew existed before. He has been working on me and preparing me for my future as a minster, wife and mother. Part of this preparation includes me understanding where I currently am as it relates to health. The Christian should never be a “peace of” or “broken” Christian. They should be WHOLE; whole in body, spirit and soul. God wants His people to be whole, fit, healthy and ready to live His purpose for our lives.

In dealing with my health as a means of preparing for ministry, I recently made a decision to see an internal doctor and many, many tests were done. Blood tests were done for everything possible totally over $1,600.00 BDS, but I believe that these things are always worth it, if we really want to know the status of our vessel.

One of the tests done was to test for the antiphospholipid symdrome and on October 12, 2014 the results came back NEGATIVE for the condition.

Today I write to encourage everyone who may be going through something. Whether it is sickness or something else, God is able to heal. He healed me and He can heal me too. There is no known cure for this condition. The only cure if getting new blood all together, which is not naturally possible, but God who is able SUPERNATURALLY gave me total healing. Whether it’s a rare blood condition, cancer, aids, ebola…and the list can go on…God is able to SUPERNATURALLY HEAL US.


As I write this testimony I know God is about to do something miraculous again. I live and breathe by the scripture which states:

 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. (Revelation 12:11)

It happens every single time when I testify about what the Lord has done, where He miraculously changes something in my life and causes me to further overcome and I can only give Him thanks.

I now want to encourage you as the reader to testify. Tell others about what the Lord has done. For this is what the Lord has placed us on this earth to do.