Save a Life!

save-a-life1Shaggy, one of Jamaica’s top dancehall acts is also one of our top reggae music ambassadors and philanthropists. He has recently taken on the task of raising US2 Million Dollars for the Bustamante Children’s Hospital to help in purchasing much needed medical equipment. This is not the first time that Shaggy has taken the initiative to help the hospital as he does so on a yearly basis. He has used his influence and connections in Jamaica to push companies to donate money to the cause.

He is also hosted a charity concert dubbed ‘Shaggy & Friends’ on January 3 2009 on the lawns of Jamaica House to raise money to put towards his goal of US2 million.

Shaggy and his Big Yard management team have spearheaded a music video directed by famed director Jay Will featuring some of dancehall and reggae’ top stars. The song called ‘Save A Life’ is based around the concept of helping those in need, particularly sick children. The video was done and release just in time for his fundraiser and should help to rally support for his movement.

I am sure that this video will touch your heart. Just think about the things you can do save a life: offer a prayer, a joke, a kind word, a word of encouragement or even some money… If you have not offered a helping hand to someone in need before, now is the time to do so and let God move in your life.Take a lead, Take a stand and make it right. Lend a hand and SAVE A LIFE  this year.